Last Schooner interactive fiction

Your name is Andreas van der Boom and you are the elder son of an artist and philosopher with noble roots.
You are at your parents' home in Harlem, Holland province of Holy Roman Empire, looking for some answers...

Or download an interpreter (Gargoyle, Lectrote etc.) and gblorb story file from the attachments.
The latter will allow saving transcript to local file, rather than to browser's storage. Transcripts help authors to improve their stories.
To install Gargoyle on Debian Linux, just

sudo apt-get install gargoyle-free
Attached also is Gargoyle user preferences file garglk.ini, that — optionally, has to be in the same folder as story file. It provides Monokai color scheme for those who are tired of black text on white background. Monokai is the color scheme that author uses in Sublime Text when writing this story.
This is an incomplete Beta release 0, build 170315.
Almost entire Scene 1 is implemented.

Finally, if you are totally new to IF (never "read" or "played" it before) here are some useful links to get you started:
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